Recycling machinery

Complete production lines for plastic recycling

We offer complete production lines and machinery for plastic recycling and production.

Our product range includes:

• one-, two- and four-shaft mills
• preliminary shredders
• high- and low-speed washers
• flotation and sedimentation tanks
• agitating and extruding presses
• flake and granulate drying systems
• compactors
• one stage and two stage cascade extruders with a specific L:D
• screen changers
• cutting heads
• granulate reloading systems
• blow moulding heads
• roller welding machines
• silos

All our machines have customized performance parameters.

We offer a full range of spares and spare parts and auxiliary equipment.

    • We support warranty and post-warranty servicing.
    • We also offer comprehensive DAP logistic services and worldwide delivery including by sea and rail.
    • Our machines are used by leading manufacturers and recyclers in Poland.

With our expertise and commercial partners, we can offer equipment and solutions that enhance the productivity of your production lines.

Through our knowledge and experience we offer solutions that improve efficiency of production lines.

Spare parts and auxiliary equipment
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